Yale Graduation 2017

Congratulations class 2017!

Join us for Yale commencement 2016, from Saturday, May 20- Monday, May 22. We will be offering a lunch a la carte menu.

Appetizer, entrée, and dessert of your choice from our special  3 course Prix Fixe menu - how could you say no?



Short Ribs Empanadas 9

 shitake mushrooms, onions, goat cheese, raisins guajillo sauce

Kale pepián salad 8

pumpkin seeds, manchego, olive oil citrus vinaigrette, garlic croutons

Ceviche de Camaron Estilo Ecuatoriano* 12

shrimp ceviche tomatoes, avocados, cilantro, red onions, citrus juices

Ensalada de cranberry y queso 8

mesclun green, dried cranberries, blue cheese, shallot vinaigrette

Anticuchos* 11

choice of grilled steak or shrimp fingerling potato,  green chimichurri

(Skewers cannot be combined)

Guacamole 13

Avocado, tomato, cilantro lime juice, house-made chips


Churrasco a la Parrilla*28

grilled skirt steak, stir-fried rice sweet plantains,

 saffron mojito, mushrooms chimichurri

Pollo a la parilla 22

grilled seared half a chicken, fingerling potato, roasted pepper, green tomatillo sauce

Burger * $13

 8oz burger, avocado, cheddar cheese, cumin fries

Tilapia con Cubierta de platano 21

plantain crusted tilapia, shrimp enchiladas, green mole sauce, corn salsita

Salmon Caramelizado* 25

tamarind caramelized salmon

ginger-chardonnay sauce wilted kale, wild mushrooms

Veggie risotto $18

Asparagus, sweet peas, shitake mushrooms, golden beets, manchego-truffle oil

Chicken sandwich $13

grilled free range chicken, arugula, avocado, blue cheese aioli, cumin fries

Chaulafan $14

Latin fried rice, sweet plantains, rice, scallions,

sweet peas shiitake mushrooms (your choice of shrimp or chicken)




(Choose one)

Shrimp corn chowder

Sweet corn, yuca, cilantro, cream

Kale Romaine pepián salad

Pumpkin seeds, manchego, olive oil, citrus vinaigrette, garlic croutons

Croquetas vegetarianas

Quinoa croquettes, chipotle aioli


Crab cake, black bean, mango-jicama slaw

Tropical ceviche *

Shrimp, salmon pineapple, papaya, ginger cilantro

Costilla de cordero

Baby lamb chop, sweet plantain, fig vinaigrette


(Choose one)

Camarones y vieras con ravioli

Pan seared shrimp and scallops, lobster ravioli, chipotle honey-chardonnay sauce

Pollo al sarten *

Pan seared chicken, cilantro rice, mushrooms sauce

Steak a la Parrilla*

Grilled NY steak, fingerling potato, asparagus, saffron mojito sauce

Salmon al sarten*

Caramelized Chilean salmon, black beans, mushrooms,

arugula, enchiladas, green tomatillo- poblano

Veggie risotto

Asparagus, sweet peas, shitake mushrooms, golden beets, manchego-truffle oil

Seafood paella 

Saffron rice, clams, mussels, shrimp, scallops, chorizo, sofrito sauce

Short Ribs

Short ribs, garlic mashed potato, wild mushrooms, au-ju


(Choose one)

Tres leches rice pudding


Chocolate cake with raspberry sauce

Passion fruit flan

$ 55.00

(18 % Tip and tax will be added)